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Fedra is a sensuous blend of epic soundscapes, sexy voices, mesmerising and hypnotic melody lines. A punch full of love, hope, want, need, desire, journey, sorrow and happiness.

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Home By The Sea (2012)

There´s a new release in 2012 called Home By The Sea. Fedra do hope that these soundscapes will become a ... View more »

Watcher Of The Skies (2011)

The new EP Watcher Of The Skies contains 5 progressive chill tracks. Bliss Of Love, Eyes Of The Universe, Images ... View more »

Skydiver (2010)

Emotions, They´re such slippery contradictory things. It´s a wonder any of us ever crawled out of the oceans, or ... View more »

Jewels (2010)

Unfortunately the past always resonates in the present, and decisions made today reach into the future. A new EP is ... View more »

Mixed Up (2010)

An album with remixed Fedra tracks. The remixers producers are electronic music artists from several different countries and they represent ... View more »

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