Distroker_Sonar Remix Challenge


Remix contest featuring the winning track from the Producers Face off. Distroker amazing track \”sonar\” will be released on out label and you could be right along side him as an official remixer. Download the stems, remix it in any genre, then post it here, in full, and the GZP team will take care of the rest. Voting will be considered as the winner is decided , but the final decision is up to the GZP team. No using other peoples samples that you do not have permission to use, and you surely know that all works should be mastered before entering. Don\’t have someone to do your Mastering yet? send the track to gzpteam@thegzp.com and we will post the mastered version of your track for you. If you would like to purchase mastering from the GZP team, contact us for the pricing as it changes depending on how many tracks you need done. Cool? Boom!

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